Vocation Beer – Life & Death / Heart & Soul IPA

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These are two of my favourite vegan beers. What’s great, is that they’re both readily available at my local supermarket, meaning it’s not difficult to get my hands on a can or two… or three.

Why I Love Vocation Beer

I’ve tried a lot of different craft beers throughout my life but I always keep coming back to Vocation.

I’m ashamed to say that despite Vocation having an extremely varied selection of drinks available on their website, the only two I’ve tried thus far are Life & Death and Heart & Soul. Still, I’m quite sure that this isn’t a bad place to start.

I was also really happy to read that Vocation had registered with The Vegan Society in late 2021. According to their website, most of the beers they brew are now vegan friendly and those that are, sport the Vegan Society logo.

I always appreciate it when companies go to the extra effort of registering with The Vegan Society. Being able to quickly scan for their logo on a product saves me time and makes things a lot easier.

But I digress. Yes, I may be somewhat of a Vocation virgin, having only tried two of their more popular beers. However, if you’ll still hear me out, let me explain why I enjoy these two vegan beers so much.

Vocation Heart & Soul Session IPA

Vocation Heart & Soul IPA is described as “Fruity, Tropical & Hoppy”. This vegan beer goes down a treat with some warm weather.

For me, this is a sunny day beer. It’s a perfect accompaniment to some tasty vegan barbecue food. Most recently, I enjoyed a couple of cans with a homecooked vegan burger, some roasted Mediterranean vegetables and an oven baked corn on the cob. Delicious!

Recently, Vocation changed the can design for their Heart & Soul IPA. I think it’s a big improvement, that much better reflects what type of beer this is. The can is now red as opposed to black, much like our next vegan beer from Vocation, Life & Death IPA.

Vocation Life & Death Classic IPA

Life & Death is a great beer to follow Heart & Soul. As the day grows long and the sun begins to set, a can of this really hits the spot.

Described as “Hoppy, Tropical & Citrussy”, Vocation Life & Death has similar traits to Heart & Soul but exhibits a more bold and sharp flavour.

At 6.5% ABV, this beer is notably stronger than Heart & Soul is (4.4% ABV). When Vocation opted to rework the can design for this beer, they maintained the original black colour. A good design choice, which reflects this beer very well indeed.

Are All Vocation Beers Vegan?

Whilst the vast majority of Vocation drinks are now vegan friendly, it’s worth noting that there are still a few that aren’t. Specifically, none of the Cask beers from Vocation are vegan friendly due to the use of isinglass.

Which Vocation Beers Are Vegan?

Here is a list of beers produced by Vocation that are vegan.

  • Bread & Butter
  • Divide & Conquer
  • Heart & Soul
  • Hebden Lager
  • Honeycomb
  • Hop, Skip & Juice
  • Imperial Banana
  • Life & Death
  • Love & Hate
  • New Musick
  • Perfect Storm
  • Pride & Joy
  • Pure Pilsner
  • Roll With It
  • Smash & Grab
  • Triple Vision
  • Twisted Sour
  • Wave After Wave
  • Yakima Pilsner

I’m hoping to try a few more of these in the future and you can bet I’ll be writing about them here after I have done so.

Which Vocation Beers Are Not Vegan?

And here is a list of beers by Vocation that are not vegan.

  • Breakfast Club 2.0
  • Cooler Shaker
  • Naughty & Nice
  • Sweet Temptation

So just a couple to look out for. It’s good to see that the vast majority of Vocation beers can be enjoyed by vegans. Just be sure to look out for the Vegan Society logo if you’re unsure.