Is Worcestershire Sauce Vegan?

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Worcestershire sauce is great! Although commonly associated with cheese-based dishes, it also adds a unique flavour to salads, meat substitutes and much more. Even if you haven’t directly tried it, you may have inadvertently eaten some with your BBQ food. That’s because Worcestershire sauce is a popular ingredient in many barbecue sauce recipes (including our own).

But with all this greatness, there’s bound to be a catch. Sorry to break it to you, but traditional Worcestershire sauce is not vegan; it’s not even vegetarian! That’s because one of the main ingredients that can help to give Worcester sauce its unique flavour is anchovies.

What are Anchovies?

Anchovies are a type of small fish, commonly found in the Mediterranean, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, as well as the Black Sea. They are well known for their robust flavour, that’s both fishy and salty.

These fish are often used in small quantities to add flavouring to a variety of foods and condiments. If you’re following a strict vegetarian or vegan diet, you need to be on the lookout for this. It’s all too easy to be caught out, I certainly have before.

Do Vegan Worcestershire Sauces Exist?

Don’t fret, there are many great Worcester sauce brands out there that are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Some of the most popular brands, such as Lea & Perrins, do still contain anchovies but getting your hands on a vegan Worcestershire sauce shouldn’t be too difficult. Just be sure to check the ingredients before committing to a certain brand.

Best Vegan Worcestershire Sauce Brands

Looking for a tasty vegan friendly Worcester sauce? We’ve got you covered. Here are just a few brands that we reccomend you try.

  • Biona Vegan Worcester Sauce: If you live in the UK, you can pick up this particular brand of vegan Worcestershire sauce at Waitrose supermarkets. It’s also available at Holland & Barrett or in multipacks on
  • Bonsan Organic Worcester Sauce: This can be picked up online at Bonsans own website or multiple online retailers, including The Vegan Kind, Natures Health Box and Ocado.
  • Annie’s Organic Worcestershire Sauce: If you’re living in the US, be on the lookout for Annie’s Organic Worcester Sauce another delicious, vegan-friendly alternative.
  • Wan Ja Shan Organic Worcestershire Sauce: Another US vegan alternative to traditional Worcester sauce, known for its great taste and affordability. You can pick this sauce up online at Kroger or on

And that’s not all of the brands out there. Sure, vegan Worcestershire sauce may not be as readily available as some of the most popular traditional brands, but finding one you love and which suits your diet is important. Having access to a variety of flavours, means more meal options and more great food! And we’re always game for more great food here at Bootlegger Smokehouse.

Plus, if you can’t find a brand that you like or find that they’re not easily available in your area, you could always try making your own Worcester sauce. Usual ingredients include apple cider vinegar, soy sauce, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper and mustard; all ingredients that are usually quite easy to find in a local supermarket.